Homeschool Advantage


Product Advantages

There are many ways to learn about computer programming. Your local bookstore is filled with programming books on arcane subjects. However, homeschooling families have unique needs:

  • Material must be geared for children, not professional adults
  • Many parents can't teach programming based on their own background
  • High school students want to build a compelling transcript for college, including technical electives that demonstrate widely recognized skills

We believe our KidCoder and TeenCoder programming curriculum meets these needs with courses tailored for homeschool kids and the kid in all of us!

Our Practical, Homeschooling Perspective

We are engineers by profession, so we focus on real-world, hands-on, make-it-work material that shows results to the student from the very beginning. We have been in the trenches with demanding clients who want smooth installation, quality documentation, and excellent technical support.

As homeschool parents we realize what you go through trying to select the right curriculum for your students. You want something they will enjoy and something that will teach them crucial skills for the digital age.

You also want something that won't complicate your own life, especially if you aren't a computer scientist yourself! We know you need a turnkey, self-study solution students can handle on their own.

This is the background and energy we bring to our products, and we believe you'll be thrilled with the results!