Homeschool Programming



A love of computers starts early. Many computer programmers write their first programs in middle school. Our courses let kids and teens take that important first step towards what could become a lifelong hobby, career, and passion!

Our Owner and CEO

Our Owner and CEO is Andrea Yust, a software engineer, entrepreneur and co-author of CompuScholar's computer science and digital literacy courses. Andrea has a B.S. in Computer Science.

Andrea and her husband Chris have a combined 25+ years of experience in the software industry.


Our Story

In 2008, Andrea received a call from a homeschooled family member. “I want to learn how to do computer programming,” she said. “Real computer programming.” Her mom had no idea how to teach this subject and had sent her straight to us. “You have a degree in this stuff,” the mom told us, “surely you can help her find a computer science course.”

So Andrea set to work, searching the Internet for a cutting-edge programming course that was made for kids or teens and tailored for homeschool students. You can find anything on the Internet, right?

We were shocked at what we found: Nothing. Zilch. Nada. So, we decided to write a curriculum of our own. We wanted to use our love of computers and programming to inspire a new generation. We set out to create courses that would teach professional programming languages in a fun way that students could understand and that non-technical parents could teach. KidCoder and TeenCoder were born!