KidCoder VB Series

Computer Programming for Kids!

Our KidCoder Visual Basic computer science courses for kids are listed below! Each course is roughly one semester long depending on the student pace.

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Windows Programming (first semester) - build fundamental programming skills!

Game Programming (second semester) - learn to write computer games!

Buy Together and Save! The KidCoder: VB Year Pack contains both KidCoder: Windows Programming and KidCoder: Game Programming as a discounted bundle. Just add the KidCoder: VB Year Pack to your shopping cart instead of the individual courses to receive the discounted price!

Hands-on Computer Science Courses!

The KidCoder VB programming courses are designed for 6th-8th grade students looking for a fun, easy-to-learn, graphical programming environment. These self-study courses use the Visual Basic language which has an English-like, forgiving syntax. Your child's computer science education starts here!

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Students will use the free Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express development environment, which has a drag-and-drop interface for creating objects on the screen and automates many common programming tasks. Students can focus on writing code to responds to events such as user button clicks.

Visual Basic is widely used today in a variety of business and academic settings. The skills learned in these courses will not be thrown away as your student moves to more advanced topics. All students will learn how to think logically, evaluate expressions, make decisions, and appreciate what it takes to create the computer programs they use every day.

Each chapter explains concepts step-by-step with sample code displayed throughout. Students will create parts of their own programs during the chapter lessons. At the end of each chapter the “Your Turn!” activity asks the student to extend their program and demonstrate understanding of the concepts.

Optional Instructional Videos!

KidCoder VB SeriesWe offer optional Instructional Videos for each course, perfect for your audio-visual learner! These videos do not replace the Student Textbook, but they do re-inforce every chapter and lesson in a fun, animated manner. We cover the same conceptual topics using different examples and, in some cases, screen recordings of a real programmer accomplishing a task within the development environment.

Instructional videos are Flash-based and will play directly from your computer's DVD drive in your Flash-enabled web browser. See our Demo Videos for sample lessons!