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August 2010 Newsletter
Self-study homechool computer science curriculum for kids and teens!
Learn Windows and Game programming in Visual Basic and C#!
In This Issue
  • Computers: The Recession-Proof Job
  • Free Shipping in August!
  • Tech Tip of the Month
  • Student Programming Contest!
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Free Shipping in August!
There’s never been a better time to order from our web store! We are currently offering free shipping (via USPS Media Mail) on all orders placed during the month of August.

Hurry! Free shipping ends August 31st!
Tech Tip of the Month
Is your computer slow to start up?
Have you noticed that over time it is taking your computer longer to start up? The culprit could be the many programs set to run automatically when your computer is turned on. These programs can drastically slow down your reboot time!

While you do need some programs to start when your computer comes on (like anti-virus software), many are not necessary. It's very easy to choose which programs you want to start automatically and which ones you can start on your own when they are needed.

Here's what you need to do:
  • Click on your Windows Start Menu
  • Select the "Run" option
  • Enter "msconfig" (without the quotes!) and click OK
  • In the System Configuration Utility, choose the Startup tab
  • Uncheck the programs you don't need to load at startup. If in doubt, leave a checked program enabled!
  • Hit OK and restart your PC.
  • After restarting a box may appear. Check the option that the dialog box won't display at restart.
That's all! Now your computer will boot up faster if the disabled programs were slowing you down.

If you need to revert to running a program automatically at start-up, just follow the steps above and re-check the box next to that program!
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Coming Next Issue
Is your high-school student interested in studying Computer Science in college? Do they need more math? Do they need more science? Are there any clubs or groups they should look into?

We will answer these questions and more in next month's article on preparing students for a career in computers!
The Recession-Proof Job
The economy is down, but computer jobs are on the rise. Overall unemployment in this country has hit 10%, but jobs in the computers sector show only 2% unemployment. The Department of Labor predicts computer jobs to be among the top 3 in terms of job growth in the next 10 years. So why is enrollment in high-school and college Computer Science courses down?

If you have a student interested in a career in the field of computers, you need to read this article! See how recent data shows that computer jobs are:
  • Beating the recession
  • Increasing employment instead of downsizing
  • Increasing salaries instead of taking pay cuts
  • Projected to grow by more than 50% in the next decade!
Read the entire article here!
Student Programming Contest!
Homeschool Programming, Inc. is proud to announce the Program of the Month contest! All students are encouraged to submit their creative program or game written in either Visual Basic or C#. The top programmer each month will win our exclusive Homeschool Programming T-Shirt (image below), see their program listed on our website for others to download, and of course gain bragging rights for the month.

Start planning now to awe the Homeschool Programming community with your best game, creative program, or clever utility! Here is the anticipated T-shirt design:

Contest rules:
  • All programs must be written in either Visual Basic or C# (with or without XNA Game Studio)
  • The entire project (except \bin and \obj directories) should be packaged in a ZIP file and emailed to: contest@HomeschoolProgramming.com.
  • The project must un-ZIP and compile as-is without any modification by Homeschool Programming staff.
  • All submissions become the exclusive property of Homeschool Programming, Inc. and may be used, modified, or displayed for others on our website or other promotional avenues.
  • Any public display of the program will identify the author by first name, last initial, city, and state (e.g. "by John D. in Atlanta, GA") unless greater anonymity requested.
  • Winning programs will be determined exclusively by Homeschool Programming, Inc. and will be judged based on creativity, completeness, and demonstration of the techniques taught in our curriculum.
  • Winners for the month will be announced during the first week of the following month and notified by email.
Let's see what you can do!
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