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March 2011 Newsletter
Self-study homeschool computer science curriculum for kids and teens!
Learn Windows and Game programming in Visual Basic and C#!
In This Issue
  • Making Sense of Computer Degrees
  • 2nd Edition News
  • TeenCoder Pre-Release Sale
  • Instructional Videos
  • Upcoming Conventions
  • Tech Tip of the Month
  • Student Programming Contest!
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2nd Edition News!
2nd Edition KidCoder courses have been released! 2nd Edition TeenCoder is will ship the week of March 21st!

Read all about the improvements on our 2nd Edition News page!

We now feature Visual Studio 2010, a convenient install program, and new Instructional Videos for all courses!
Pre-Release Sale
In celebration of our pending TeenCoder 2nd Edition release, all TeenCoder pre-release orders will receive a discount!

Place your order now to save, and we will ship the products the week of March 21st.

See our TeenCoder pre-release sale news item for details!
Instructional Videos
All 2nd Edition courses will feature optional Instructional Videos! These videos are all-new, covering every Chapter and Lesson in the textbook.

These are great for students who enjoy audio and visual reinforcement of the textbook material! The videos are not a replacement for the textbook, but may be purchased as an optional component.

Estimated availability for the Instructional videos is in the April-May timeframe!
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Making Sense of Computer Degrees
There are a daunting array of similarly-named college degrees awaiting your budding computer programmer! This article will shed some light on the differences between the most common computer-related degrees:
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Other specialty degrees
It's important to realize that every college or university will put their own special twist on each degree. In addition, students are usually allowed to select areas of interest within the degree, so each experience is very personal...

Read the entire article here!
Upcoming Conventions
We will be vending at these 2011 homeschool conventions:
Come by and meet us! We're always happy to chat with existing customers to find out what they liked and disliked about each course. We'll also be running convention specials you won't find online!

Student Programming Contest!

Don't forget to submit your creative programs to our Program of the Month contest! The best submission each month will win our exclusive HSP T-Shirt (image at right), have their program listed on our website for others to download, and of course gain bragging rights for the month!

See our Program of the Month page for contest rules and recent winners!
Tech Tip of the Month
Undo / Redo in Visual Studio
As you spend more time writing code in the Visual Studio IDE, it's helpful to know some keyboard shortcuts to save you time.

One of the more frequently used combinations is CTRL-Z to "undo" your most recent changes, or CTRL-Y to "redo" undone changes. We all make mistakes typing, and Visual Studio keeps track of all your recent edits.

You can repeatedly hit CTRL-Z to undo recent changes, perhaps just to copy some earlier code fragment to the clipboard. Then you can CTRL-Y to redo your changes back up to the current time if desired, possibly using your handy clipboard contents for some new code!
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