TeenCoder Series

Comparing Print and Online Formats

KidCoder Series

Our KidCoder and TeenCoder self-study computer science courses are offered in two different formats - online and print. Which option is best for your student? Let's find out!

Online Course Features

Our online courses are delivered to your web browser through a full Learning Management System that includes integrated multi-media lessons, auto-graded quizzes and tests, electronic gradebook, and other cool features. There are no physical components to ship or receive in the mail.

Instructional videos are fully integrated into every online course! Each online lesson includes a 5 to 10 minute video to introduce and re-enforce the lesson text. You may see animation and narration describing a concept or watch a recorded demonstration showing exactly how to complete a task.

Your online course includes both a student account (with access to student material) and a teacher account (with access to all material, including teacher guides, answer keys, and activity solutions).

You will receive self-registration coupon codes and can activate your accounts when you are ready to start. Accounts are valid for 1 year from the date of activation (not from date of purchase), so you can buy in advance of your start date. Once registered, more time or additional siblings may be added for a nominal fee.

Printed Courses vs. Online Courses

The following table lists the main differences between the printed courses and online courses.

  Printed Courses Online Courses
Format Physical textbooks and CDs Online Learning Management System
Delivery Shipping, worldwide Accounts delivered by email
Primary Audience Homeschoolers and individual students from any educational setting Homeschoolers, individual students, teacher-run public & private classrooms
Branding Homeschool Programming, Inc. CompuScholar, Inc.
Internet Connection One-time connectivity required near the beginning of each course Persistent high-speed connectivity required througout the course
Instructional Videos Optional; available for separate purchase Integrated into every course
Siblings License permits sharing one textbook between multiple siblings Additional sibling accounts can be added for a nominal fee, if needed
Time Limits Yours to keep forever One-year subscriptions can be extended for a nominal fee, if needed
Assessments Multiple choice tests (PDF format) for each chapter, teacher-graded with answer key Quizzes for every lesson, plus chapter tests, auto-graded by the system
Teacher Material Includes Solution Guide, fully coded activity solutions, and test answer keys Includes Solution Guide, fully coded activity solutions, test answer keys, PLUS teacher's guide for every lesson with classroom discussion points, a video walk-through of each course, automatically graded lesson quizzes and chapter tests, and rubrics for grading student projects.
CD-ROM Drive Required for installation of course material and instructional videos Not required

Take an Online Video Tour

You can "Look Inside" each printed textbook on the course description pages. But to get a feel for how the online system works, please watch this brief video tour.

I still have some questions...

  • How exactly do I get my online accounts and start my subscription for an online course?

    You will receive self-registration coupon codes for your student and teacher by email, typically within 24 hours of purchase. You can hold on to those coupon codes and use them when you are ready to start the course.

    Your one-year subscription will start only when you activate your accounts using the coupon codes, so you can safely purchase courses in advance and get started on your own timetable!

    Once you create your initial accounts, you will be able to attach multiple courses to those student and teacher accounts as you purchase more courses or enroll more students. For more information on account activation, please visit our Self-Registration Tutorial page.

  • What is the difference between Homeschool Programming, Inc. and CompuScholar, Inc.?

    These two companies are owned and operated by the same staff! They are simply different portals that provide our KidCoder and TeenCoder courses in different formats.

    You will see "Homeschool Programming" labels on all of our printed material, and "CompuScholar" labels throughout the online courses. But rest assured, everything you already know and love about the Homeschool Programming company and staff is still present with the CompuScholar experience. You will still work with the same subject matter experts that have an extraordinary dedication to customer service and support!

  • Can I get a physical textbook if I purchase the online course, or can I get an online login if I purchase a printed textbook?

    While you can certainly purchase each separately, we do not encourage students to obtain both printed and online courses. Online courses may contain slightly different sequencing or lesson content, and it would be confusing to move back and forth between formats.

  • Are there special class times for the online courses?

    No, our online courses are self-study, just like the printed textbooks. You can log in with your student or teacher account any time and work through the material at your own pace.

  • What is the role of the parent or teacher?

    Both printed and online courses are self-study, which means the student can generally work through the material on their own. Parents and teachers can simply monitor or administer the course, getting involved only to the degree desired.

    Some parents may be completely hands-off, letting the students complete the course for fun with no oversight. Others may monitor student's progress for a grade, ensuring the appropriate quizzes and tests are taken and assigning a grade to student projects (yes, you'll have the full solutions and guidance).

    Parents or teachers in a larger group or traditional classroom can choose to provide hands-on lecturing and student support and/or learn the material right along with the students, if desired.

    While Homeschool Programming does not provide a live "teacher" for printed or online courses, we do offer free technical support, and encourage you to reach out to our expert staff with any questions.

  • Why can't I purchase a single-semester online course or an online course without videos?

    The "Year Pack with Videos" option has been, by far, our most popular printed course configuration. Therefore, we are initially offering this equivalent configuration in the online format.

    In the future we may package the online courses as single-semster units. However the instructional videos will always come with the online courses.

  • Can you describe the differences in lesson content between online and printed versions?

    The online and printed courses may contain slightly different lesson material for two reasons:

    • Online courses, by nature, can be more easily and frequently updated. So changes and enhancements may be made as needed to online courses, while printed textbooks are only revised with new editions.
    • The online courses may contain additional or optional content used to satisfy some state requirements.
  • I am a homeschooler; can you explain what additional content may be present in the online courses to meet state requirements?

    A number of states have reviewed and approved CompuScholar's online courses for use in their middle and high schools. As part of those review procedures, minor adjustments or additions were made to more fully align courses with individual state standards. In most cases, these additions are present as "Supplemental Lessons" near the end of each course. Homeschool and individual students can skip or take these lessons, as desired!

    We never compromise our academic standards or expert computer science instructional approach.

  • I am a teacher in a larger classroom. Do you have bulk discounts? Should I order through Homeschool Programming or CompuScholar?

    Yes, we have bulk discounts in both cases! Our printed courses have a 30% discount for quantities of 5+. The online courses have the same 30% discount for 5+ units, plus a 60% discount for quantities of 20+ units. All of these discounts are built into our Homeschool Programming website shopping cart.

    If you want to pay with a credit card or PayPal, then purchasing through Homeschool Programming's shopping cart is the easiest option. If you represent a school or district and would like to use a Purchase Order, please Contact Us to receive a quote and submit the PO.