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Our self-study curriculum is always a great option for families that want to work through the material on their own. But if you want our expert staff to handle all teacher responsibilities (grading, etc.), then our teacher-led option is the perfect fit!

How It Works

Our teacher-led courses are available for some online courses. Students will begin with the same online course material and self-study / self-paced model. But parents don't have to worry about teacher accounts, grading, or answering questions - our teachers will handle it all.

When you select a teacher-led course, your student will receive the following benefits:

Feature Description
Grading Our teacher will grade all of your projects and provide feedback.
Progress Our system will email weekly progress reports to parents. Parents also have instant access to student grades and feedback through a parent account.
Support Students have 1-on-1 messaging with the teacher to ask questions and get help.
Pacing Students start when they like and move at their own pace; no set class times.
Certificate Students will receive a PDF certificate with final grade upon completion.

Watch this brief video to see the teacher-led features in action!

How Do I Sign Up?

Look for the "Add to Cart" buttons on each course description page. For courses where the teacher-led option is available, you will see a second "Add to Cart" button for the teacher-led option.

Your teacher-led purchase includes a student account to access our online material and a parent account that lets families review and monitor progress. You will receive access instructions by email.

I still have some questions...

  • Are there regular class times or lectures?

    No, students can still flexibly start when they want and move through the material at their own pace. Students will self-study their way through the material, but our teacher will handle the grading, answering questions, etc.

  • How fast are the teacher responses?

    Teachers will ensure projects are graded and questions answered by the next business day. In many cases, responses will come quickly on the same day (excluding weekends/holidays).

  • Is the teacher certified or accredited?

    The teacher will be a subject-matter expert and well-versed in the course material. However, the teacher may not have a traditional teaching certificate, nor is Homeschool Programming an accredited school.

  • Can you describe this certificate we receive at the end?

    The certificate serves as your proof-of-completion for a transcript or portfolio. It will list your name, course, completion date, grade, as well as our contact information.

  • Can your teachers facilitate larger groups (co-ops or classrooms) in addition to individual students?

    Yes, our teachers can run classes of any size. If you'd like to organize a group of students in any setting, 30% bulk discounts for 5+ students are available for our teacher-led option.