Help Playing Instructional Videos

Our videos have been successfully tested on Internet Explorer / Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and iOS/Android tablets. In most cases the videos will play without errors in your web browser. If you have any difficulty playing your videos, please select your format below for troubleshooting steps.

Adobe Flash PlayerFor printed textbook courses, your optional instructional videos will arrive in the mail on CD and play directly from your computer's CD or DVD drive. The videos use Adobe Flash Player and will appear in your computer's web browser.

Playing Your Videos

Before you begin, make sure that your web browser has enabled JavaScript and installed Adobe Flash Player as described above. The videos will display in a pop-up browser window, so if you click on a link and do not see that video, ensure your browser is not blocking pop-ups from our CD.

When you insert the videos CD into your computer's CD drive, the "menu.html" file should be launched automatically. Some computers may have disabled the "AutoRun" feature, so you can always launch the videos yourself by double-clicking on the "menu.html" file from your videos CD.

Important Update, September, 2016

On Sept 13th, Adobe released update 23 of the Flash Player. This update includes a change to the default security settings that may prevent successful playback from a local CD. If you see a long-term spinning circle ("Loading...") or a "Connection Error" when viewing any part of a video, please follow the Adobe Flash Configuration Instructions below to correct the error.

Adobe Flash Configuration Instructions

Apart from Adobe Flash itself, Microsoft, Google, Apple, or Mozilla may make changes to default browser settings as they release different versions of their web browsers. In some cases these changes may prevent Flash movies from easily playing from a local CD.

After completing the important Flash changes listed above, if you are still unable to play any video, or find a video that seems to hang or displays an error, please click on your web browser below for additional corrective steps.

If these steps do not work, please Contact Us for help.

The instructional videos are fully integrated into all online courses. When you click on the "Lesson Video" link from your course interface, the video will begin playing in a pop-up window.

If you do not see the video in a pop-up window, make sure that your web browser has enabled JavaScript and is not blocking pop-ups from our website.

The online videos are publisehd in MP4 format, which is highly compatible with all web browsers and the HTML5 standard. Adobe Flash is not used and is not required. There are no known issues with the replay of our online videos from any web browser.

If you have any difficulties with your online videos, please Contact Us for help.