TeenCoder Java Series

Java Programming Courses for Teens!

Our TeenCoder Java computer science courses for high school teens are listed below! Each course is roughly one semester long depending on the student pace. (Students studying for the AP* Computer Science exam should allocate more time for the first course).

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Java Programming (first semester) - learn important Java programming skills!

Android Programming (second semester) - write programs for Android devices!

  No Android hardware or service is required. We use a free software emulator!

Buy Together and Save! The TeenCoder: Java Year Pack contains both TeenCoder: Java Programming and TeenCoder: Android Programming as a discounted bundle. Just add the TeenCoder: Java Year Pack to your shopping cart instead of the individual courses to receive the discounted price!

Java and Android Computer Science Courses!

The TeenCoder Java Series is designed for 9th-12th grade students who may be interested in computer science as a career, or who may need a computer course for high school graduation. Build an Advanced Placement* self-study program for the "AP Computer Science A" exam and learn to write your own Android mobile device applications! Each course is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

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The Java programming language is a modern, powerful tool for many business, academic, and Internet applications. Students will learn with a free version of the industry standard Eclipse development environment that Java programming job applicants should know when starting a software career.

Each chapter explains a programming concept in detail with corresponding sample code. In hands-on activities for each chapter the student will write their own programs based on the chapter topics. Students are encouraged to be creative and personalize their programming projects!

Optional Instructional Videos!

TeenCoder SeriesWe offer optional Instructional Videos for each course, perfect for your audio-visual learner! These videos do not replace the Student Textbook, but they do re-inforce every chapter and lesson in a fun, animated manner. We cover the same conceptual topics using different examples and, in some cases, screen recordings of a real programmer accomplishing a task within the development environment.

Instructional videos are Flash-based and will play directly from your computer's DVD drive in your Flash-enabled web browser. See our Demo Videos for sample lessons!


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